Sep 16, 2015

Je Me Lache

These are the lyrics for the French Song Je Me Lach by Christophe Mae. Here's the song and the words.

Je Me Lâche Songtext C'est pas que je n'aime pas les gens 
Mais je suis comme à l'étroit dans leur monde 
C'est pas que je n'ai pas le temps 

Mais dans mon coeur j'y peux rien le tonerre gronde
C'est pas que je n'aime pas ma femme
Mais j'en peux plus d'entendre "jsuis pas trop grosses?"
C'est pas que je n'aime pas mon job
Mais j'en peux plus d'être au service de mon boss
J'rêve de lui dire : "vous êtes aussi con ue moche"

Donc y a des jours où je me lâche
Et j'envoie tout foutre en l'air
Ouais je veux que l'on me lâche
J'ai besoin de prendre l'air

C'est pas que j'aime pas mes vieux
Si j'les écoute j'finirai dans les rangs
C'est pas que je n'aime pas mes potes
Mais si j'les suis, j'finirai dans le vent
A courir après la gloire, les femmes et l'argent


Je me fous de ce que l'on peut dire dans mon dos
La rumeur ou bien le qu'en-dira-t-on
Pendant que le monde dérive, moi je quitte le bateau
Je lâche prise avant de péter les plombs

Refrain X2
(J'ai besoin de prendre l'air avant de tout foutre en l'air)

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Jun 2, 2015

Greg Savage On Being Late

So there's this guy Greg Savage. He's a bigwig founder of three or four successful staff recruiting businesses and all-important world-renowned keynote speaker, blah, blah, blah.

He recently posted an article about his views on being punctual that intrigued me. You can read it in full here: 

He starts off like this:

This post may offend some readers, recruiters or not. But only because it’s going to cut close to the bone for many.
And I don’t care if I sound old-fashioned, because actually it’s nothing to do with ‘fashion’ or ‘generation’. It’s got everything to do with basic good manners and respect for other people.
So here goes… How did it get to be “OK” for people to be late for everything?
Because as far as I am concerned, it’s not OK.
In recent years it seems that a meeting set to start at 9 am, for some people means in the general vicinity of any time which starts with the numeral ‘9’. Like 9.30 for example.
Okay, sure. That's annoying. But you know what, meetings mean multiple people. Multiple people means that some are going to be on time and some are going to be late. Depending on your job, this can get you fired or it might be fine. I don't see why you're complaining. Either you start the meeting at 9 or you have some time to touch up notes and chat with people. Let it go.
People drift in at 9.10 or 9.20, or even later. And they smile warmly at the waiting group, as they unwrap their bacon sandwich, apparently totally unconcerned that others have been there since five to nine, prepared and ready to start.
10 people kept waiting in a meeting for 20 minutes, while some selfish pratt who idles his way via the coffee shop, is actually 20 minutes times 10, which is 200 minutes wasted – while you keep us waiting because you did not catch the earlier bus. That is over 3 hours wasted. By you! How much has that cost the business? Shall I send you an invoice?
Whoa, wait. You just said that the people were 30 minutes late. Now they're 3 hours late? Who waits three hours for one person in the meeting? Maybe you'd wait 3 hours for the boss. So if you aren't ready to start the meeting, what are you doing just sitting there for 3 hours. Seriously, do something productive while you're there. It's not like you have to sit glued to your seat doing nothing for 3 hours. You're just looking for excuses to not do anything for 3 hours. That's called laziness. Plus, sorry I didn't catch that bus. Not all people can afford gas and a car. And believe it or not, people miss the bus. It happens. Of course people were thirty minutes late and stopped to get coffee and sandwiches too. If meetings always start late then you could afford to go and get coffee too. Seriously, you're the only one who's just sitting still for 3 hours not doing anything except whining that your meeting is late.
And an arrangement to meet someone for a business meeting at a coffee shop at 3 pm, more often than not means at 3.10 you get a text saying ‘I am five minutes away’ which inevitably means 10 minutes, and so you wait for 15 or 20 minutes, kicking your heels in frustration.
And often these ‘latecomers’ are people who have requested the meeting in the first place, are asking for your help, or are selling something. Fat chance, mate!
So if they're requesting the meeting and you know that they're going to be late just say no or shut up, order a coffee, and bring a book.
And it’s not only business.
No, of course not. 
Why do people, invited for a dinner party at 7.30, think its cool to arrive at 8.30? It’s rude. It’s inconsiderate.
Okay, well the only time it matters is when it's your own dinner party. And if these people are so annoying just don't invite them to your freaking dinner party. Sometimes people are busy at 7:30, but they're your friends and they want to see you, so they make the effort to come an hour later. Plus, it's a party so there are others there, and again, if it's not your own dinner party, why the hell do you care?
 And it’s selfish, as I witnessed in a coffee shop near my home one weekend. Three “ladies who lunch” (a species not confined to, but heavily represented on, the lower North Shore of Sydney) were chatting loudly at the table next to me. One inquired what time the ‘drinks do’ was that night. The reply for all the world to hear was ‘Oh 7.30, but we won’t get there till 9 because by then it will have warmed up and all the interesting people will have arrived’. Nice. Imagine if everyone took that view. Cocktail parties would start at 3 am eventually.
No, they wouldn't dipshit. The reason the parties start early is because people plan for people to be late. Besides, there's always going to be a few asses like you who show up on time for EVERYTHING and complain about others, which is the reason the cool people don't show up until later, when they don't have to spend as much time talking to you.
Or a dinner at a restaurant where I was meeting two other couples. My wife was away, so I was flying solo. I arrived at two minutes to eight for an eight o’clock booking. At 8.20, I was into my second glass of Pinot and at half-past I got a text saying ‘on the way’. We finally were all seated at 8.45. There were not even attempted excuses from either of the two couples, who seemed oblivious to the fact I might actually have got there at the agreed time. Meanwhile I had put a huge dent in the bottle of Pinot, and was ready to go home.
Okay, again. Sure, it might be annoying, but people do have reasons for being late. Plus, friends aren't friends because they show up to every social gathering exactly on time. They're friends because they care about you and make the freaking effort to show up. You could show up at 8:20 too. It wouldn't hurt the world and you'd have a better time.
And it is not that we lead ‘busy lives’. That’s a given, we all do, and it’s a cop out to use that as an excuse.
Maybe, but some people actually are middle class and have to spend time actually working and can't afford to drink a bottle of fancy Pinot by themselves in a fancy restaurant. Spend a day trying to take care of a kid, doing all the cooking, and without a car. Then we'll see how on-time you are.
 It’s simply that some people no longer even pretend that they think your time is as important as theirs. And technology makes it worse. It seems texting or emailing that you are late somehow means you are no longer late.
You are rude. And inconsiderate.
And I act on it, too. My dentist kept me waiting 50 minutes not long ago. She has done it for years and years. But enough! I walked out, past a literally open-mouthed receptionist who had never seen a patient act on their frustration, only to get a frantic call from the dentist herself as I got into my car.
Sure she was “busy”, another patient took longer than she expected, blah blah.
Blah blah blah. I just had to perform 3 oral surgeries and I had to wait around to make sure my patient woke up from the anesthesia, but I'm sorry for making you wait. Your root canal is obviously more important than all of my other patients'.
But hold on, I am busy too! I would not keep her waiting 45 minutes if she came to see me as a candidate. And yet I am HER customer. I told her I have been coming to you for 15 years but don’t take me for granted. See fewer patients in a day if you have to, but see me on time or close to it. She has never kept me waiting again.
Oh, so now she should drop other patients and take a lower salary so that she can pander to your needs. Great.
Me? Am I ever late? Sure, sometimes. That’s inevitable even with the best intentions. But I never plan to be late. I never ‘let time slide’ because my stuff is more important than yours.
I am not talking about the odd occasion of lateness. I am talking about people who are routinely late. In fact, never on time. You know who I am talking about!
Well if you hate those people so much, why do you keep making meetings and dinner plans with them?
And certainly I consider serial lateness a character flaw which I take into account when working out who to promote, who to hire and who to count amongst my real friends.
Good for you. Personally, I'd rather take a late friend over a serial whiny ass any day of the week.
It’s that important.
Yes. Your needs are more important than anyone else's in the world. What? You're doctor's appointment was late? Sorry, I just had a code blue and had to shock someone back to life, but next time I'l l take you're needs into account. Next time I'll tell my kid to get himself to school, and make the bus driver wait for me, and tell my cats to feed themselves. Seriously, the nerve of some people. 

Jan 12, 2015

Phrases for the Ages (Buffyverse)

Some of you might remember that good ol' show Buffy The Vampire Slayer that started in the 90's. And then some of you might have also watched Angel, read all the comics, and stalked Joss Whedon's twitter account.

Whatever level of fan you fall into in the Buffyverse, it's always good to be able to spit out some Buffy jargon in case you ever need to kill Edward Cullen.

Something that Joss Whedon is remarkable at doing is creating new words. Some are simply just verbs or adverbs with a "y" tacked onto the end and used as adjectives. And some are funky fresh phrases or really shiny curses. Let's review some favorites from the Buffyverse, shall we?

1. Five by Five
This phrases was coined by the Buffy character "Faith." She generally uses it to mean cool or swell. "How are you doing?" "Five by five."

2. Big Bad
This is a term that I believe Willow might have started that caught on. It's a name for the main, evil villain at the time. It's especially helpful to use if you aren't sure exactly what the main evil is. "Come on, let's go take down the big bad!"

3. Spin
This is a more obscure word that means a "lie." Spike sometimes slips it into his vocabulary, along with "sodding, bloody, and pet." It's less noticeable when used though, because it's used in such a way that everyone knows the meaning of it without actually having to question it. Spike uses a lot of idioms and unique terms so we tend to just put together what he means without actually thinking about the words he's saying. "It's your own bloody fault for telling him a spin and then leaving him in the sodding desert!" 

4. The Wig
"This place gives me the wigs." Another term for the willies or creepy. 

5. The Hellmouth
This isn't so much as slang used in Buffy as it is a place known to all the mystical forces. However, if you ever hear something along the lines of "God this place sucks. We must live on the hellmouth." Note that this is indeed a use of Buffy "Slanguage." It can be used to describe a place that is less than ideal, hellish, or just simply a dump. 

6. Prefixes and Suffixes
The most common words coined in Buffy, however, are simply words that have a common suffix or prefix added to them or are combined with other words. Focusy, stabby, slayage, wrinklies, uglies, guiltapalooza, and mopey are all some common examples of this.

Have fun gathering your own scooby gang and trading your own Buffy speak. Singing off!


Oct 24, 2014

Should I Let My Child Read Twilight?

Hello all! So Twilight is a series of books that is known to be controversial for a number of reasons. Here's the down low of what you worried parents all need to know.

Is it inappropriate? Is there sex/drugs/profanity etc.?

Not really. There's kissing, but nothing graphic. There are minor swear words like "damn" and "crap." There might be some very minor references to drugs somewhere in the books. Overall, I would suspect anything ever remotely bad would go right over most people's heads. If you're child can understand the vocabulary and not be bored by the story, I don't see any real reason why they can't be allowed to read it. Romeo and Juliet has more inappropriate themes than Twilight. So are most young adult books

But I hear it's really bad. I don't want my child reading some crappy schlock!

Well have you read it yourself? If not, you can't judge it. I found that the plots and characters were a bit belabored, but the writing itself wasn't that bad. Honestly, I thought Lord of The Flies was a bad book, but that doesn't mean I have any right to tell people not to read it.

But the main character, Bella, is portrayed as weak and makes poor choices. I don't want my kid to reflect on her!

Bella is exactly that, a character. Not all females are strong and smart and noble. Even main characters. Not all main characters are meant to be looked up to. You know who else is a main character? Harry Potter. Overall he's good and all that jazz, but during some of the books he's extremely moody, rude, and makes very poor choices. We all do. Bella doesn't represent all females or people. It's not a good enough reason to keep your child from reading the book.

Do we really need to expose our children to so much romance? Aren't they too young for romance?

There's romance everywhere. Practically all Disney movies are centered on romance. Even little kids love romance and want to have boyfriends and girlfriends.

Overall, you may not remember what it was like to be young. I can tell you this: things are not nearly as complicated as we make them out to be. And children are highly intelligent and they aren't naive. There are five year olds that have seen R rated movies and they ended up alright. It won't ruin your child's life if they read Twilight.

Aug 31, 2014

Superhero Politics

Okay, so humor me. Let's delve deep into the comic book characters' politics.

1. Batman is a Democrat

As you can see, Batman is completely for gun control. During the early shaping of his character, he did carry a gun, and that was his sole weapon. But then they decided to make him the awesome dark knight that we know and love by making him a hater of guns and a user of all sorts of cool gadgets. In addition to his anti-gun policy, Batman also has a no-killing policy, which may suggest he is against capital punishment. All this evidence aside, Batman also has a gay son who he loves and supports indifferently. (Won't tell you which one, though). Plus, he works along side homosexual Justice League members. You know it's true.
Batman is not sexist either. It doesn't matter if you're a man, woman, or transvestite, if you are an evil super villain he will punch you in the face.

2. Spider-man is a Democrat

Okay, this one is a bit more obvious. Growing up in a middle-lower class family. Being taught that if you can, you should always help other. It's no duh that Spider-man is a democrat. He even goes to a school that's big on activism and rallying (Berkeley, perhaps?). He grew up in New York, believing fully in science (he ain't no creationist, bitches). I think we can continue without any controversy on this one.

3. Lex Luthor is a Republican

Because let's face it, he's basically a bald, cartoon version of Richard Nixon. He's evil, conniving, greedy, and uses his money and power to get away with murder. He's Chris Christie and George Bush's love child.

Aug 25, 2014

Top Good Guys Turned Bad

Oh, the agony of when your favorite character takes a 180 and goes completely bonkers. We can only hope that eventually they work out their angst and return to the good side. Here's a list of some of the top good guys that have gone rogue.

1. Darth Vader
Probably the most memorable, everyone misses young, naive Anakin Skywalker. At least at the very end he was redeemed.

2. Morgana Pendragon

For those Merlin fans out there, I speak for myself when I say that I was very sad that Morgana went insane and never came back. She was my favorite character at the beginning of the series. She started out as a compassionate, righteous heroine to a bat-shit crazy, snake-haired, murderous, bitch.

3. Raimundo Pedrosa

 Anyone remember "Xiaolin Showdown?!" Yeah, I barely do either. But as a kid, I remember that this character was the first character that I remember who was "good turned bad." But he quickly became good again, I just don't remember. That was a good show. Maybe I'll revisit it again someday...

4. Slade

As a DC comic book character, Slade has appeared in multiple shows,comics, and everything else. The reason he went rogue varies. In the popular show, "Arrow," Slade Wilson had turned evil due to the Mirakuru corrupting his brain. In other versions, Slade was always evil. Sometimes Slade appears as Jericho, a used-to-be hero who changed for also various reasons. Either way, you've got to be wary of Slade.

5. Sasuke Uchiha

This one is the saddest one for me. I love Naruto. Sasuke started out as a naive kid who was struggling due to his loneliness from his entire family being murdered by his brother. So yeah, he already was hanging on the edge of good and bad and had some serious family problems. All he wanted in life was to kill his brother. Then, he met Naruto and the rest of his team, cell 7. Slowly, Sasuke learned to have fun and love his friends. He realized that there were more important things than revenge. Next thing you know, Orichimaru comes in and fucks shit up. He corrupts Sasuke, making him crave only power and revenge. Sasuke continues to spiral down a path of darkness. Constantly trying to find someone else to blame for his pain. My favorite part about this story though, is how Naruto isn't willing to give up on him. Unlike so many other tales where everyone believes that a character has become evil and isn't going to change, Naruto refuses to give up hope. He refuses to kill Sasuke, even. And every once in a while, we also see that glimmer of hope, and we see that we can get Sasuke back. So yeah, it's a pretty crash story.

6. Jason Todd
Jason Todd was the second Robin, who was then beat to death with a crowbar by the Joker, AS PER REQUEST BY THE FANS! So, when he came back from the dead and was pissed at everyone for killing him off, we really have no one to blame but ourselves.

7. Angel
Oh yes, don't forget Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer! He started as a mysterious hero, who was actually a vampire whose soul had been restored to him. But then he had sex with Buffy and he lost that part of his soul. So the show went from, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" to "Angel the Buffy Killer." Do not fret, for he had his soul restored to him, two seconds before Buffy killed him and locked him in a demon dimension for all eternity. For some reason though, this didn't stop him from coming back and making things peachy again. It was a little late, though, because Angel had already killed so many of Buffy's friends. It's okay, they got couples counseling and worked things out.

8. Governor Chris Christie 
The Republicans loved him. The Democrats tolerated him. He was funny and brutally honest. Or so we thought! Dun, dun, duuuuuh! Here's the full scoop of the Bridge Scandal: The Full Scoop. The basic gist is, a three lanes leading through a bridge leading to Manhattan to Jersey was closed for about 4 hours. Just another traffic jam? Nope. The order to close it came from Christie's deputy. Emails were also found putting Chris Christie as a culprit for the bridge closing. Why does it matter? Parents couldn't get their kids to school. Stores lost all of their customers for the day, which in this economy can be a death blow. A 91 year-old lady even died because the paramedics couldn't get to her in time due to the traffic. And why would he do it? Emails and conspiracy believe that he did it for revenge. A mayor who used to endorse him, stopped, so he screwed the mayor with this traffic jam. One of his email reads, "Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee." Yet another case of somewhat good guy turned evil.

Well, that's all for today. Tune in another time! Bye!

Apr 12, 2014

Feb 20, 2014

The show I'm watching breakout kings

So I'm watching a show called break out kings. ITS SO FREAKING GOOD!!!! But it's only 2 seasons sadly because it was cancled. :(   Any way here's a description it's not mine by the way!!

A squad of U.S. marshals team up with cons (former fugitives) to work together on tracking down prison escapees in exchange for getting time off their sentences.

ITS SOOOOOO GOOD!!!! But beware it has swearing, sexual themes, lots of gore, violence, TV14.
It falls under categories of: drama, crime, action/adventer, Crime Fiction, thriller. 


Jan 15, 2014

Funny T-shirts

     Hey all! So Blackrabbit-san and I just had a funny T-shirt contest. Whoever can find the funniest T-shirts wins! So now all you have to do is tell us in the comments who you think had the funniest shirts. Thanks. :)

Here are Blackrabbit-san's awesome shirts:

And now here are my (Lulu's) shirts!

Be sure to let us know which one is your favorite AND who you think won. See ya!

Dec 31, 2013

Dec 30, 2013

....Random Search Result

Soooooo I was searching for a 1D chibi comic on we heart it  (IM NOT A DIRECTIONER!!) and this came up