Aug 24, 2013


Hello all,

     Tonight is going to be a good one. My friends and I are going to go do karaoke. Could that BE anymore fun? Blackrabbit-san and I are going to sing Don't Go Breakin' My Heart together. I wish I was a better singer, it would probably make the night more enjoyable for others. Oh well, you know what? The whole point of karaoke is to allow those who can't sing their moment in the spotlight!

P.S. - Did you catch the personality thing? It's hard! I'll tell you who I was this time next time. Meanwhile you can guess in the comments.


  1. Karaoke could be the method conversation technologies made it all more difficult for us in order to communicate with one another. Karaoke is definitely partying the particular newbie rather than the auteur. Karaoke is definitely partying pop-culture idols plus condemning “the classics. ” Karaoke could be the equal rights of everybody using a tone of voice, plus getting everyone’s tone of voice be similarly noisy. Karaoke is definitely whenever Joshua Bell, the famous geiger, could make large sums pounds in a concert within Boston ma, yet is not even provided time associated with day performing single in the subway station. Karaoke is definitely challenging. Music supplies

    1. Thank you for your insight into karaoke. I suppose it is a very unique social interaction. Can you guess what character I was putting on in the post? I've been writing posts as different characters in pop culture.