Jun 19, 2013


     OK, do you guys have some really weird dreams? I had one last night. I was at a school where they trained people to be assassins, ninjas, sharpshooters, etc. Anyway, my friends were in the dream and Ann (loves reading and does it every spare second she has) was reading and I was like, "watcha reading?" Then all of a sudden, a huge spike came out of the book and tried to kill me. Then my other friend tried to kill me with a piano wire. Then I was sitting in class when a battle ax flew through the window and it almost hit me. I was like, "what the heck?" My friend Claire threw it and I, being a sharp shooter, shot her. Then she died. That's when I woke up. I thought my dream was real and I was like, "I killed Claire!" I was actually crying. Then I went to school and I was late because I was looking for my gun (even though i don't have one). Then I went  into the class and Claire was like, "where were you fool?!" I was like, "aren't you suppose to be dead?" Then I was like, "OMFG IT WAS A DREAM!!!!!!" God I feel so stupid. Hahehehehe.

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