Jun 15, 2013

The Gnome Chronicles Chapter 4

   "You know who? Don't try to get me to believe Voldemort is real; I won't fall for it!" you say somewhat bitterly. "No, no, I was talking about Merlin, The Mighty and Powerful. Everyone knows about him, except apparently you," Cedric replies nonchalantly.
    "Oh, I do know about Merlin! I didn't know he was real, but I'm not really a strong believer in reality at this point...So there's no evil, dark lord trying to destroy the magical realm? Well at least I know I'm not in some wackadoo movie then."
      "Well, there is Death, but he's a part of a different story so we won't have to worry about him in this blog series." "Hmmm?" "We will have to worry about Smouldamort though."
      "Smouldamort...seriously...." "Don't laugh! He'll come for you next!" "OK! I am so confused right now! Tell me about Lord Alfie, Merlin, and 'Smouldamort.'"
     "Alright, little Miss Bossy-pants, here is my recollection of their history:

"Lord Alfie: The first stake war was a war started by western kingdoms against vampires. It was instigated by the great wizard Drudwyn, Merlin's brother. Lord Alfie, a great vampire and good friend of Merlin's, asked Merlin to join the war fighting for the side of the vampires. Merlin did so, but in secret for he would be fighting against Camelot and his dear brother. King Arthur's court never found out about Merlin's treason, but Drudwyn did. Ever since, there has been an ongoing feud between Merlin and his brother. Lord Alfie fought to try and show the world that vampires are not horrible creatures. Most of what people know about them is poppycock. Unfortunately, during the war, Sir Gareth of Orkney drew Lord Alfie threw the heart with a stake, which incidentally would kill anyone. Lord Alfie led the vampires through the stake war, and acted almost as a sovereign over them. All he wanted was to protect his kind. May he rest in peace.

"Merlin: Merlin is the most powerful warlock the world has ever known. Not much else to say there.

"Drudwyn: Drudwyn is Merlin's younger brother. He felt vampires were evil because one once attacked his son and turned him into a vampire. Drudwyn was also a great wizard and a good person. He jumped to the conclusion that all vampires were evil because of what happened to his son; that was his mistake.

     "And those are the stories of Lord Alfie, Merlin, and Drudwyn."

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  1. I love everything except a few things, ol' chap
    2. Since when has Merlin been as powerful as the mighty Sir Fluffingtons and Death the Grim Reaper
    3. Since when did Merlin start taking credit for my Magic Powder CREATIONS!!!!

  2. Well,

    1. Sorry about that
    2. Sir Fluffingtons and Death aren't in this story, they just made a cameo appearance.

    1. I think Sir Fluffingtons is just stating something that he thinks, not actually thinking it should be in the story

  3. Well...anyways, moving on... Merlin gets the credit. Sorry Fluffy (That's a great nickname for him!) And then Sir Fluffingtons and Death have only made cameo appearances so far, but everything is interconnected, my dear Watson.