Jun 11, 2013

Tsubasa Chronicle Series

I realized that I haven't completely explained Tsubasa Chronicle yet either. It is a series created by the artist group, CLAMP.

     The story starts in a desert country named the Kingdom of Clow. In Clow lives a young archaeologist named Syaoran (Shal+ron) and the kingdom's young princess, Sakura. They have been best friends for years and are living rather happily in their day to day lives. Syaoran is spending most of his time working on an archaeological dig on the country's famous ruins. One night, Sakura is, as it seems, possessed by some magic and ends up deep in the ruins. Syaoran finds her and watches as she grows giant, glowing wings and is almost absorbed into the ruins (it gets better, really). The feathers of her wings are dispelled into the night sky. The high priest, Yukito, tells Syaoran that the feathers were Sakura's memories and that the only way to save her is to find all the feathers. Unfortunately, the feathers were scattered across the dimensional plane, so Syaoran and Sakura must travel the universe to find all of them. They are accompanied on their journey by a flippant, affable wizard named Fai (F+i), a strong, fierce warrior named Kurogane (Cur+o+gan+ay), and a teleporting, rabbit thing named Mokona (Moe+kah+nah).
     Kurogane has been sent away from his world by Princess Tomoyo (Tuh-moy-oh), the princess whom he serves. She claimed that he was yet to learn the true meaning of strength, and that by sending him on the journey he would learn it. He wishes to return to his dimension, and therefore willingly travels with the group. Fai says that he wishes to never return to his home world. He is trying desperately to run away from someone, the question is who? Fai is usually very kind, mellow, and happy, but Kurogane begins to suspect that he's hiding something behind that smile of his.
     I realize this series sounds a bit strange, but it's actually very well done and interesting. I strongly recommend this series. You can read the books or watch part of the story online (sorry about the ads): http://dubbedanimeon.com/episode/tsubasa-chronicle-episode-1-english-dubbed/
     The series contains action, adventure, drama, mystery, comedy, and romance. In the beginning it is rather comedic and light. Later in the series, it becomes darker and introduces more drama. Adventure, action, and romance can be found throughout the entire series.
Sakura holding Mokona


Fai D. Fluorite

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