Jun 12, 2013

The Gnome Chronicles

   Have you ever taken a walk through the woods? You hear the crunch of the leaves and the snap of the twigs beneath your feet. The canopies of the trees shelter you from the piercing rays of sunlight. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot something red. it's behind the trunk of a tree. You walk around and are then able to see it in full view:

     Wow! A real red toadstool! As you examine it, you hear a rustle in the nearby bush. Maybe it's a chipmunk! Curious, you venture closer. The leaves of the bush conceal whatever creature is rummaging about. 
      You turn away and begin to leave, but you hear a high, happy voice, "Haha, don't leave yet!" Frightened, you look back to see a cute, mischievous grin:
     "You're a gnome!" you exclaim. 
     "Yes, and that over there is a tree. Fascinating isn't it?" the little man teased. You try to deduce how this is possible, but no explanations come to mind. "My name is Cedric, by the way," the little guy informed as he munched on what appeared to be a rosemary leaf. "Wha-huh?" Cedric sighed, "My, how clever you are. Would you care to tell me your name?" You blink a few times before giving the gnome your first name. 
     Cedric begins rambling about how oblivious humans are while you glance back over at the red toadstools. You rub your eyes, but the image is still clearly there:

                                      To Be Continued....                      NEXT 

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