Jun 26, 2013

Frost, The Faerie Shaman

     As we break from our Gnome Chronicles for just a bit, let me share some other shorter stories that will ultimately all add up to one gigantic story in the scheme of life.

Frost, The Faerie Shaman - Part 1

     During the time of King Arthur, a young girl named Frost lived in a vast forest, which would now be located on the Welsh side of the border between England and Wales. The forest, known as "Coedwig y Faerie," housed tall, thin trees that secluded Frost's tiny cottage. 
     Frost was a peculiar one. She had striking blue eyes that brought color to her pale, white skin. Although she was not old, she had straight, white hair that flowed just below her shoulders. 
     Frost spent much of her time strengthening her friendship with the faeries by praying and leaving them presents of honey and mead. This was not uncommon. Many witches would occasionally pray to the faeries, but Frost was different. She fell in love with the spirits and dedicated so much time and energy into her relationship with them. She would always go out of her way to do little things for them, such as planting lovely tulips and roses in which faeries could make their homes.
     These wonderful deeds made the faeries notice Frost. One autumn evening, they decided to make her a faerie shaman. When she woke up the next evening, to her delight she could see the faeries! She would walk outside and see hundreds of them. You see, the forest, "Coedwig y Faerie," translates to Forest of the Faerie. The forest was where many of the faerie spirits resided peacefully.

The next couple parts of this story will come after I do a bit more research on faerie shamans. Stay tuned.

FYI: I am not trying to copy the Early and The Fairy; I'm using my own sources on faerie shamanism to inspire my story, along with other short stories that I've written about faeries, gnomes, and witches.

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