Jun 21, 2013


OK, I love reading. Manga, Steam punk, chapter books, fiction, historical fiction, romance, fantasy, you name it. So, I am going to share some of my favorite books with you!! I'll keep on adding when I read more good books.

          some of BLACKRABBIT-SAN'S FAVORITE BOOKS!!!!!!!

1. Leviathan (steam punk, fantasy)
2. Runaway Twin (realistic fiction,comedy)
3. To Catch a Prince (romance)
4. Frog Prince(romance)
5. Earl and the Fairy (fantasy,manga,romance)
6. Arisa (drama,action,fantasy,mystery)
7. Flygirl (historical fiction,action)
8. Shugo Chara (manga,fantasy,drama,romance)
9. The Wishing Spell (fantasy,action)


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