Jun 19, 2013

The Gnome Chronicles Chapter 8

     You pass a beautiful, majestic waterfall along the path.

      "That's such a pretty waterfall." Cedric looks over and smiles. "Yes, it is. That would be Coven Fall Waters. There's a legend that says whoever drinks from it will be cursed. I'm sure that's just some old wives' tale, though." 
     After walking a bit more, Cedric exclaims, "We've arrived at the market place!"

     Everything is so busy. Fairies, dwarfs, gnomes, pixies, and all sorts of creatures are bustling about and buying potions, herbs, and powders. Cedric takes you to a specific tent that sells spell-books. Working there is a young, gorgeous witch. She has hypnotic eyes that make you feel warm and pleasant. 

     "Hello," she says, "my name is Cai. How can I help you today? Oh hello, Cedric, nice to see you." "Good morning, Cai. My friend here has never even seen a spell-book. What would you recommend?"
     "Well that depends what kind of magic you would like to practice. We have protective magic, healing magic, attack magic, mushroom magic, pixie magic, gnome magic, witchcraft, incantations, potion recipes, and so much more. What sounds good to you?" You're still trying to absorb her words. "Maybe some protective magic, incantations, and....attack magic?" 
     Cai smiled, lighting up her face and spreading her ruby red lips. "Let me look around for some good beginners' books." She rummages around a bit in the back, dropping books and potions, and spitting out the occasional cuss word. Finally, she comes back with 3 books.

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