Jun 13, 2013

The Gnome Chronicles Chapter 2

     "Are they playing some sort of game?" Cedric chuckles and replies, "No, no. They're eating the mushroom. They just seem as if they're playing because they like to chat and goof around at lunchtime." This surprises you. "Aren't toadstools toxic?" "Not to gnomes. Mushrooms are a natural food-source for gnomes. Like how a snake eats a mouse, or how the honey badger then eats the snake."

   You try to unscramble all of your thoughts, but Cedric impatiently taps his foot loudly. "Come on! Let me introduce you to my home village!" Cedric begins to run off but then stops in his tracks. "What's wrong?" you ask. "Come closer." You crouch down beside him. "Closer." You try to make yourself eye level with him. "Look into my eyes." he spoke softly.  He had blue eyes that seemed to be embroidered with lavender streaks.

     "BAMBIDIDAM!" he shrieked as her threw yellow golden powder all over you. You begin violently coughing. "What (cough) was that? (cough, cough)" He doesn't answer, he just stands there and smirks. As you cough, you look around and realize that the trees are growing higher. The ground appears to be getting nearer. You're shrinking!
   Cedric seems awfully pleased with himself. "Did you enjoy the 'BAMBIDIDAM' bit? I'm trying to imitate my idol, the great Sir Benji Fluffingtons, King of the Mushrooms." As you slowly stop coughing you ask angrily, "What did you do to me?!" "Why, I turned you into a gnome. If I'm going to show you my village, I can't have you running about as a giant human destroying everything, now can I?" 

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