Jun 16, 2013

The Gnome Chronicles Chapter 5

     "Those were rather sad stories," you respond with new-found somberness. "Yes, I suppose they were. Though time heals all wounds, remember; scars may remain, but they feel pain only when you're vain."
     "I've never heard that saying before." "I suppose it could be considered more of a riddle," Cedric smiled. "Try to figure out the meaning of it." As you ponder it, Cedric shouts, "Oh look! There's my house!

     "It's a good thing too; the sun has nearly finished setting." "Um, which one is your house?" "Oh, mine is the  mushroom shaped one with the blue top."

     "Wait a minute, I thought gnomes ate mushrooms. Now you're telling me you live in one?" Cedric laughed, "No of course not! We just decorate our houses to look like mushrooms because you have to admit, mushrooms are very aesthetically pleasing. My roof is actually made out of wood; I painted it blue using blueberry dye. We wouldn't live in real mushrooms. If we did, I don't think Sir Benji Fluffingtons would be too happy. And you won't like him when he's not happy."
     Inside Cedric's mushroom home is much larger that how it looks on the outside. In the corner, there's what appears to be a small bed made out of twigs, dandelion fluff, and a couple scraps of fabric. The room is dimly lit by a small, beeswax candle on top of a shelf.

     There's an entire wall of wooden shelves, which hold everything from potion bottles to cauldrons to extra flower petals. In the center of the room stands a round table covered by a sheet of white silk.
     "You have a lovely home, Cedric." "Why thank you. Now that we're here, I can answer all of your questions."

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Were you able to figure out the meaning of the riddle? Do you have any questions for Cedric? If so, please let us know in a comment below.

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