Jun 27, 2013

Frost, The Faerie Shaman - Part 2

Frost the Faerie Shaman - Part 2
     Frost spent her days building alliance with the Faeries and befriending them individually. She was rather content with this life, until it became dangerous. Witches were being hunted. The forest in which Frost lived was known to have housed witches, faeries, and other spirits in the past, so it was one of the first places that was being destroyed by witch hunters. The faeries were able to use magic to hide Frost's cottage from the eyes of those who wished her dead, but that was not enough. Soon, Frost spent all of her time hiding in her cottage whilst the trees around her and the wildlife were gradually disappearing. Frost longed for her afternoon walk with the faeries. She longed for her occasional trip to the city in search of potions,  new magical spells, and gossip about the magical realm. Now all that was lost; it was too dangerous for her, a known faerie shaman, to expose herself.
     With much despair, Frost packed a few of her things and said goodbye to the forest, her cottage, and her beloved faerie friends.
     The Faeries tried to convince her to stay, but all she would say was, "Farewell, my friends. Do not fret, we shall cross paths again someday." And with that, she left the woods that fateful, winter night.


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