Jun 14, 2013

The Gnome Chronicles Chapter 3

     You're still confused about everything. "Why is it that no sane person has claimed to see a gnome?" you ask. "Well that's poppycock! Many sane humans have seen gnomes.  Many people who are lucky enough to meet us decide to keep quiet. Others, like that guy on TV a few weeks ago, claim they've seen gnomes and end up in the white room. It's a delicate system, really."
     Cedric begins climb over a fallen log. "Come on now, we must arrive at the village before nightfall." "W-why, what happens at nightfall?" "Nothing too bad, just a few other creatures like to lurk about, creatures probably with whom you are unfamiliar."
     After climbing, jumping, and running for what seems like hours, you ask, "How far away is your village exactly?" "Well we would be rather far away, I suppose. You see, I had used teleportation powder to travel to our meeting spot originally. Unfortunately, I forgot to purchase more at the market yesterday and I used up the last of it." "Teleportation powder?" "Oh yes! It's a soft, light blue powder that you can use for teleportation; you sprinkle it on yourself and say your desired location.

     "It's quite ingenious. It was first concocted by Lord Alfie during the first Stake War and later perfected by you know who."

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  1. Wonderful, simple marvelous ol' chap, except for one thing, THAT BLASTED GNOME KEEPS STEALING MY MAGIC POWDERS FROM MY HAT!!! Next time he comes to Weirdville, I will hit him with my WABBAKAZOOIE, before he can say "Bob's your uncle!"

    1. Why would he say "Bob's your uncle?" He's not your uncle, he's you're nemesis. If he were your uncle, that would make for a very interesting family reunion, you know with Death and all. Besides, gnomes are notorious for stealing powders. They steal sugar, salt, pixie dust, you name it.

    2. Just because my brother is Death, doesn't mean I would kill Bob, I only tried to kill him because he was wrecking all the bloody town!

    3. Fair enough, but your brother is Death. This means Bob would have to be Death's uncle as well. It's possible. Well, is Bob your uncle? (Dun Dun Duh!)